Stress Test The Upfiring Dapp. Earn UFR.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 at 5 PM EST, the first of three UFR stress tests will commence. All participants who seed the stress test files in the Upfiring Dapp will be rewarded with UFR.

The 5 UFR Stress Test Files Are Available For Download/Seeding Now

Stress Test File 1

Stress Test File 2

Stress Test File 3

Stress Test File 4

Stress Test File 5

You will need the Upfiring dapp, available on in order to participate in the Upfiring Stress Test event.


Seeding Accumulation Phase — September 18th to September 23rd

Stress Test — Unlocking the files, rewarding all seeders

UFR Rewards


This is an exciting time for this project. We have a ton of events planned in the coming months and would love to have you join our communities and be a part of our project’s growth. You can get UFR on Uniswap here. Check out our social media pages: Telegram, Upfiring Forums, Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, and Discord as we continue our mission to change the future of P2P file-sharing.

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