The Upfiring Dapp: Full-Scale Project Launch, Upfiring 1.2.2 Dapp Release & Upcoming Events for 2020

With Upfiring 1.2.2, seamless decentralized P2P file-sharing is now possible on the Ethereum blockchain. With our product ready for user adoption, the project’s focus will be shifting towards towards community growth and marketing for the second half of 2020.

Upfiring 1.2.2 Release — August 24th, 2020

Upfiring 1.2.2 has been deployed and is available for download on This update fixes an important connection issue that will improve the dapp’s ability to discover and connect to other peers/seeders on the network. Upfiring 1.2.2’s release will ensure the dapp is ready for a growing userbase of downloaders and seeders in the coming weeks. Existing Upfiring dapp users will be prompted on application launch to update their application, or they can navigate to the “Settings” tab and click “Check for updates”, as seen below.

Important Link Updates:

  • now allows you quick access to the UFR-ETH market on Uniswap
  • links to our forums, which have been relaunched and will be further updated this week
  • homepage will be updated this week with new links/information as well


  • Dapp Stress Tests
  • Upcoming AMAS
  • Influencer Marketing
  • The Upfiring Blog, Press Releases, & SEO campaign
  • Expansion of the Upfiring Dapp Documentation
  • File-Sharing website outreach
  • Community-run marketing group and community contributions
  • Paid advertisements


Upfiring Dapp Stress Tests (3)

The Upfiring Stress tests will evaluate Upfiring’s ability to support files with large numbers of seeders and properly distribute UFR between all active seeders on a file. It will also test out the networks capability to have many files decrypted in a short period of time. There will be 3 major stress tests in the coming months. Note: The amount of UFR offered during these events is subject to change if the UFR price fluctuates significantly. In addition, pending the results of each of these stress tests, the dates are subject to change as well.

Stress Test 1: 500 UFR Total — Sunday, September 20th, 2020 at 5 PM EST

  • 5 .ufr files, each worth 100 UFR, will be created by our team and distributed via our social media pages one week prior to the stress test (September 13th to September 20th)
  • We will decrypt the files one by one, rewarding all participating seeders with a share of the UFR equal to 100/# of seeders for each file

Stress Test 2: 2,000 UFR Total — Sunday, October 4th, 2020 at 5 PM EST

  • The results of Stress Test 1 will be analyzed and the procedure of Stress Test 2 may be adjusted if necessary
  • 10 .ufr files, each worth 150–250 UFR, will be created by our team and distributed via our social media pages one week prior to the stress test (September 27th to October 4th)
  • Files will be decrypted as with Stress Test 1

Stress Test 3: 5,000 UFR Total — Sunday, October 18th, 2020 at 5 PM EST

  • 50 .ufr files, each worth 50–150 UFR, will be created by our team and distributed via our social media pages one week prior to the stress test (October 11th to October 18th)

Upfiring’s Upcoming AMAS (Ask-Me-Anything) & Appearances

In an effort to expand the size of our community and introduce new users to Upfiring, we have been working with closely with several Telegram groups, Youtubers, Discord groups, and influencers to plan several major events for this project. The following groups will have AMAs for Upfiring in the coming weeks. Any TBD dates will be announced via our social media when they are set:

  • GosuTV, Korean audience — set for Wednesday, September 9th at 9 PM EST
  • TheGemHunters, a 2500+ Telegram group — set for Sunday, September 20th at 2 PM EST
  • @cryptowindonesia, an Indonesian audience of over 7500+ people, translator will be used — date pending

In addition, we plan to appear on several Influencer’s Channels in September and October including:

  • CryptoWendy (date set)
  • Several other major appearances are set, and we cannot disclose them until the air date!

The Upfiring Blog, Press Releases, and SEO campaign

SEO is one of the primary ways people discover new and growing projects. Upfiring will begin an SEO campaign that will focus on increasing the overall quantity of content released on our website and improving upon the quality/scope of that content. This will help to create an influx of new members in our community.

The Upfiring Blog, to be located as a subset of the website, will be a major contributor to the growth and promotion of Upfiring. We will be publishing content dealing with issues surrounding file-sharing, file storage, decentralization, and various other relevant topics to our project.

In addition, the dapp’s documentation will be improved to include more important information for new users, such as several potential use cases for Upfiring and how to maximize usage and earnings as a content creator.

File-Sharing Website Outreach

Because the Upfiring application does not allow the direct sharing of files within the dapp, external file-sharing websites are absolutely critical to the success of this project. There are several Upfiring file-sharing websites in existence right now. In order to help these sites grow, we will be working with the developers to provide key information from our source code that will allow new and existing websites to easily analyze the metadata of .ufr files, number of seeders on a file, and other key information as well.

We will also be spending time over the next few weeks reaching out to existing file-sharing websites to help them integrate .ufr files into their sites.

Community-run marketing groups and community contributions

Upfiring needs the help of the community in order to reach its full potential. We have one of the most decentralized Ethereum projects in the space — with our team owning an extremely small portion of the token supply relative to other projects, and having little to no control over the Upfiring smart contracts/dapp activity now that they are deployed. Our team does not profit off of the application. As such, it is imperative that the community step in and help this project grow. There are already several community-run Upfiring marketing groups floating around on Discord, Telegram, and elsewhere, and these groups have already helped immensely with the start of our marketiing campaign. If you believe in our cause and want to see the widespread decentralization of content distribution, we encourage community members to take action wherever they can. If you are interested in helping with marketing activities, you can post in our Telegram group or PM @tylerfallon on Telegram for more information.


The dapp’s development will be discussed in further detail in future posts, but several important features are in the planning stages right now:

Upfiring Dapp Uniswap Integration

Preliminary model of Uniswap integration into the Upfiring dapp

Funding your Upfiring wallet, obtaining UFR to use within the dapp, or converting your UFR earnings to Ethereum/other tokens is going to become a smooth experience that users will be able to do using their Upfiring wallet in the dapp. In another effort to further decentralize the dapp and remove the power that centralized exchanges have over this project, Uniswap (a decentralized exchange) will be integrated directly into the dapp. This is another huge step towards the immutability of the Upfiring network — if the website goes down for any reason, you will still be able to use the smart contracts within the Upfiring dapp to convert to and from UFR with 100% uptime.

The Upfiring Blockchain — moving to our own smart contract network with a bridge to the Ethereum network

The pre-development phase of the Upfiring blockchain has begun. Currently, we are discussing the feasibility of creating a dual-network link within the dapp that will allow for payment to be made in UFR from the new Upfiring blockchain OR on the Ethereum network via ERC20 token (as it is now). A bridge will be created that will allow users to swap between the ERC20 token and mainnet coin at with a 1:1 ratio, ensuring a fixed supply of tokens and a consistent price between the two. This will also allow us to maintain our exchange listings on important, high-volume exchanges like and IDEX while creating a customizable mainnet that is not limited by issues that we’ve seen on the Ethereum network, such as high fees and congestion.

Upfiring Web Browser Dapp

Another huge development we are currently working on that will make Upfiring more widely available to users in the space is a direct integration into Google Chrome so that Upfiring and it’s functionality may be accessed directly via website, and file download/decryption can be performed with tools like Metamask.

This is an exciting time for this project. We have a ton of events planned in the coming months and would love to have you, the reader, join our communities and be a part of our project’s growth. You can get UFR on Uniswap here. Check out our social media pages: Telegram, Upfiring Forums, Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, and Discord as we continue our mission to change the future of P2P file-sharing.

Smart contract-based decentralized & incentivized P2P file-sharing platform